How often will you meet with me as a client?

As often as you like! You control how much you'd like to hear from us.  We recommend meeting once per month to ensure we are on the same page and deliver the most up-to-date financials.


Do you require signing a long-term contract?

We will ask you to sign a letter of engagement.  However, if you are unhappy with our services you can terminate our relationship at any time...but we really don't think you'll be anything less than thrilled :)


We are a very large company. How big is too big?

We feel confident providing excellent service for companies up to $300m in revenue or 500 employees.

I already have accounting software and tools I have been using...will I need to switch?

Nope! As long as your software is one of the many popular tools commonly used, we will be able to work right within your own system so it doesn't disrupt your business in any way. All of our professionals are QuickBooks certified and our firm is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. If you don’t already have an accounting system – we can help you get set up.


I operate a very small company. Do I have to be a certain size before you will work with me?

There is no size requirement to work with our team! You can even be flying solo and we would be happy to serve you.

Will I only hear from you at tax time?

We pride ourselves on working with our clients throughout the year to help them plan.  Our goal is to prevent end of the year surprises!


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